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Nova Scotia Warm Line

Toll free - 833-927-6546

Mondays - Thursdays - 1-5 pm

We do more than just take your calls! 

Click here to learn more about what a Warm Line is, as well as get information about our Senior Safety Call-Outs, and how we can be part of your Self-Care Plan!  


Volunteer Opportunity!

We are looking for dedicated volunteers for the Nova Scotia Warm Line - specifically for our Senior Safety Call-Outs.  If you are a caring and compassionate person who enjoys talking on the phone, then you can make a huge difference in the life of a lonely and/or isolated senior!  Please contact our Coordinator, Tamara McIntyre at; or message us on Facebook.  She will talk to you about training and answer any questions you may have.  

Board Members; Vision; Mission; Goals; Key Values and Principles

NS Warm Line
(Toll free)

What is a "Warm Line?;" Why a Warm Line for Nova Scotia; What Can I Expect when I Call?

And learn about the OTHER SERVICES we offer!

Who Does What in Mental Health in Shelburne County, including local links and phone numbers; Local Peer-Support Groups and Meetings

We have 3 Wind Phones - find where they are located, and learn a bit more about them

Click here for "Mental Health in Shelburne County: A Quantitative and Qualitative Research Report," which was prepared by Bird & Branch Consulting over Jan-March 2019.  

This report engaged key stakeholders in second-voice storytelling, as well as compiled a data review and analysis of health statistics, and then painted a more complete picture of the issues of mental health and wellness in Shelburne County.

Click here for "Let's Talk!  Community Engagement Report January 2020," which was prepared by Bird & Branch Consulting.  

This report summarizes community conversations around mental health issues in Shelburne County, held in Barrington and Shelburne in January of 2020.  

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