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If you could change a life just by answering a phone … would you?  The Shelburne County Mental Health and Wellness Association is asking you to do just that!  Volunteers are needed to operate a new Warm Line for Shelburne County!  (A Warm Line is a non-crisis line – a form of social support where peers help peers).  If you have a passion for people and are capable of answering the phone, then we want to hear from you!  Please contact our Coordinator, Cindy Hagen, at scwarmlinecoordinator@gmail.com; or message us on Facebook.  Contact us now to volunteer, and to make a huge difference in the life of our community! 

Board Members; Vision; Mission; Goals; Key Values and Priciples

Warm Line
(Toll free)
Mondays - 1-5 pm; Tuesdays - 1-8 pm; Wednesdays - 4-8 pm; Thursdays 1-5 pm

What is a "Warm Line?;" Why a Warm Line for Shelburne County; What Can I Expect when I Call?

Who Does What in Mental Health in Shelburne County, including local links and phone numbers; Local Peer-Support Groups and Meetings

Mental health websites from around Nova Scotia, Canada, and the World

Click here for "Mental Health in Shelburne County: A Quantitative and Qualitative Research Report," which was prepared by Bird & Branch Consulting over Jan-March 2019.  

This report engaged key stakeholders in second-voice storytelling, as well as compiled a data review and analysis of health statistics, and then painted a more complete picture of the issues of mental health and wellness in Shelburne County.

Click here for "Let's Talk!  Community Engagement Report January 2020," which was prepared by Bird & Branch Consulting.  

This report summarizes community conversations around mental health issues in Shelburne County, held in Barrington and Shelburne in January of 2020.  

Our Vision: Mentally healthy people in a healthy Shelburne County.  


Our Mission: We are a community-based, not-for-profit group that seeks to advocate for and improve mental health in Shelburne County by reducing stigma, promoting recovery and building resiliency.  

The Shelburne County Mental Health and Wellness Association is pleased to acknowledge our Community Partners - SASI (Shelburne Association Supporting Inclusion); and our funding partners, the Shelburne County Community Health Board (from whom we received a grant for 2018, and for 2019); as well as the Province of Nova Scotia (from whom we received a Building Vibrant Communities grant for 2019, and an Age Friendly Communities Grant for 2020); and the Canadian Red Cross and the Government of Canada (from whom we received a grant in 2020).  There are also many Shelburne County mental health organizations, services, groups and individuals represented around the table as part of our membership - we remain grateful for this level of engagement, and recognize the immense passion, hard work and significant contributions to our communities by each of these.  

Help Lines:

  • Shelburne Mental Health Services902-875-4200

  • Department of Community Services, Barrington902-637-2335

  • Our House Youth Wellness centre902-875-3337; CRISIS LINE - 902-874-0775

  • Kids Help Line: 1-800-668-6868​

  • Nova Scotia Youth Crisis Line1-800-263-8686

  • Mental Health Crisis Line1-877-429-8167

  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline1-800-273-8255

  • RCMP Shelburne902-875-2490

  • RCMP Barrington902-637-2325

  • Provincial Child Welfare Emergency Duty (after hours): 1-866-922-2434

  • 811 - Non-emergency Health information and services 24/7

  • 211 -Programs and Services Throughout NS 

  • CyberSCAN: to report crimes linked to cyberbullying1-855-702-8324

  • Avalon Centre for Sexual Assault, Halifax902-422-4240

  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE), Response Line (24/7)902-425-0122

  • Juniper House in Yarmouth1-800-266-4087

  • Tri County Women's Centre1-877-742-0085-